This blog space is a platform dedicated to intellects to share their thoughts and opinion on Business and Society. 

How to Contribute

You can write simple opinions, summary of your academic research work or industry white paper, or even explanations of concepts that are related to Business and society for about 600-1000 words. Current issues are also encouraged topics. We intend to keep the writing style simple to target a wider audience hence no need of journalists rigour and technicality. However we expect the articles to be original and authentic and free from plagiarism. Referencing is not required but we believe you will use credible sources in getting ideas to write your article and keep them with you for future reference.

We publish regularly so you can submit articles through out the year. All articles will go through a review process however we intend to publish the original work submitted by authors. We encourage authors to proof read their articles before sending for publications to avoid delays and rejections. Rejections will be mainly based on poor language, factual errors and plagiarism. In case of a rejection we will notify the author and they can modify the article and send it back.

We create only the space for publication and the authors keep the intellectual property rights and responsibilities of their articles.